Schultz & Williams is delighted to announce its recent collaboration with United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona. This partnership marks another significant milestone in S&W’s extensive history of working with esteemed nonprofit organizations across the country.

United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona stands as a beacon of hope, serving the vibrant communities of Tucson and the surrounding regions. With a steadfast commitment to enhancing the well-being of individuals and families, United Way’s impact resonates deeply within the community. Their tireless efforts and unwavering dedication have created a lasting positive influence on countless lives.

We are honored to be a part of this journey alongside United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, and we eagerly anticipate the positive transformations that will result from our partnership.

“With a wide-reaching network and a profound sense of purpose, United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona embodies the core values of collaboration, compassion, and community engagement. Together, we look forward to advancing their mission and furthering their impact on the lives of those they serve,” – Lauren Hansen-Flaschen, Vice President of Strategic and Business Planning