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There are many reasons to invest in planned giving. It’s no secret that planned giving gives donors the opportunity to have a far greater financial impact than they likely could have ever imagined. The best part is when done right, planned gifts can be used to grow an endowment and bolster annual giving year after year. These gifts can also deepen donor relationships and have a positive effect on retention.

At Schultz & Williams, our integrated approach to nonprofit management ensures that your PG program is as strong as all other fundraising programs within your organization. We build and optimize your planned giving program so that it seamlessly integrates with your broader development program to strengthen all of your giving objectives. Advanced data analytics, innovative marketing, and an infrastructure designed for sustainability form the basis of a program that will continue to propel your mission long into the future.

ElevatePG™, Schultz & Williams’ planned giving practice, reduces the stress and fear of starting or growing planned giving programs. We deliver a comprehensive, hands-on approach to leveraging your highest ROI fundraising opportunity – planned gifts are frequently the largest gifts donors ever make. There’s no better time to build your confidence and optimize your organization’s planned giving program than right now.

Planned Giving Program Development + Optimization

Through full discovery and assessment of your prospect pool, philanthropic marketing, and infrastructure, expert consultants will develop a comprehensive strategy and tactical work plan for growth for your planned giving program. The plan will include mail and digital marketing strategies, development of a branded planned giving microsite, ongoing counsel, and ad hoc training and coaching.

Planned Giving Officer via S&W StaffSolutions™

Get expert – interim or long-term – staffing support you can count on with consultants experienced in all aspects of planned giving, from prospect screening and qualification to complex gift conversations.

Donor Modeling via S&W Data Analytics + Development Operations

Analyze your full donor file to understand the health of your planned giving program, success of a specific strategy or strategies, and identify your top planned giving prospects with best-in-class prospect identification modeling and philanthropic capacity screening, as well as insights from S&W Analytics

Training + Coaching // Staff + Volunteers via S&W ElevateNP™

We design our one-on-one and small group coaching, workshops, and retreats to meet the specific needs of your development and senior staff, board members, and volunteer leaders to highlight the importance of planned giving and equip your organization with the tools to grow a successful planned giving program.

Planned Giving Marketing

In coordination with our direct response and digital experts, we will develop a multichannel marketing program which includes a planned giving microsite, digital campaigns, direct mail, and gift officer support pieces to maximize your planned giving efforts, allowing your team to spend less time on logistics and more time with the right donors.

By combining marketing, activity tracking, and predictive analytics we help you understand who your best prospects are and which ones are engaging with the marketing – providing you with a specific “need to contact” list to optimize your time and results.


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