Data, People, Systems

Supporting the people who make fundraising happen


Create a Development operation that supports fundraising staff with the information and systems that are fundamental to a donor-first approach. Advanced data analytics & development operations in combination with an infrastructure designed for employing and sharing information are the basis for exceptional donor and gift stewardship.

At Schultz & Williams our integrated approach to nonprofit management ensures that fundraising information and infrastructure are designed to sustain the people and programs that make your mission grow. We place people—staff, volunteers, and donors—at the center of our work.

From ensuring that gift acknowledgements are meaningful and timely, to developing reports and metrics that propel strategy forward, S&W’s team of Consultants and Analysts can work with you to maximize your data, optimize your database, and streamline your operations.

Data Analytics

Insights and analysis can help prioritize your organization’s resources to align with your goals and improve fundraising outcomes.

Development Operations

Best practices that are tailored to your needs along with donor-centered perspectives can elevate your daily operations.
Garth Allen

Vice President

“When data is employed to inform strategy it should propel a fundraising team’s activity forward to meet opportunity. It is only when data, systems, and people are seamlessly working together that this is possible.”


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