Community Foundations



Grow with Intent and Lead Equitable Change


Is your community foundation poised for transformational success?

At Schultz & Williams, we know the changing landscape community foundations face and put our integrated portfolio of services to work to help you amplify your impact and meet bold aspirations—seeking to grow in size, in reach and in the many ways you lead.

Working together, we put our planning, development and marketing experience and expertise behind every client challenge, tackling several areas particularly helpful to community foundations.

These include:

  • Vision and Strategy—Because Clear Direction and Goals Yield Measurable Results
  • Asset Building—Because the Good You Achieve Is Proportional to the Resources You Attract
  • Board Development—Because You Need Effective Ambassadors and Advocates
  • Community Leadership—Because Your Impact Should Exceed the Grants You Make

Case Study: The Foundation for Delaware County

The Foundation for Delaware County engaged our planning team to create its first-ever strategic plan. The plan balances the foundation’s multifaceted mission—administering public health programs, making grants to improve the health of the community, fundraising to sustain the foundation, and serving as a community leader.

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