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Today more than ever, nonprofit organizations need a clear strategic direction to ensure their future relevance, success and sustainability. Schultz & Williams meets this need with holistic, actionable strategic business business planning focused on measurable results.

These plans take shape through a process that is inclusive and engaging, creating real shared ownership. Our team behind the process draws on decades of experience in serving and leading nonprofits, and on our firm’s expertise in fundraising, marketing, and strategic business planning. The result is a wide-angle view of each organization and its future and a strategic plan that combines inspiring vision with fundable, practical actions.

At Schultz & Williams we believe planning is a meaningful process of reaffirming an organization’s purpose and identity, visioning its future impact, mapping the course to get there and uniting the players throughout the journey. With each new planning project, we put this belief to work.

Business Planning & Modeling

When nonprofits are exploring or approaching a shift in their operational model, strategic business planning provides the blueprint of a sustainable model to establish a strong foundation and achieve business goals. Our strategic business planning team includes certified experts in nonprofit financial analysis and modeling for five-year detailed expense and revenue pro formas based on tailored financial assumptions gathered from client discussions, stakeholder interviews, landscape analysis and studying similar organizations. A bold vision for the next iteration of your organization can become a reality through a smart, data-based plan centered on sustainability.

Our Strategic Planning Advantages


Shared Passion

Benefit from the extensive nonprofit experience of our experts and their shared passion for the missions we serve.

Tailored Plan

Be part of a process that delivers a tailored plan to meet your organization’s individual needs.

Integrated Approach

Realize the full integration of our fundraising and marketing expertise and perspectives.

Informed Diagnostics

Benefit from data and research that uncovers the root factors to your organization’s success.

Inclusive Process

Be part of a rigorously inclusive process involving leadership, board members, staff and partners.

Post-Plan Toolkit

Take full advantage of our post-plan toolkit to track and evaluate your progress throughout the strategic plan timeline.

Case Study

This marked the third time Mission Kids and S&W partnered to conduct a strategic planning initiative. S&W led a comprehensive process that provided a clear plan to guide Mission Kid’s growth for the next five years.

Case Study

Glen Foerd engaged our planning team to identify a strategic business model, provide detailed revenue and projections, and deliver a final report that the organization could present to major funders.

Case Study

S&W crafted a plan that balances their multifaceted mission—administering public health programs, making grants to improve the health of the community, fundraising to sustain the foundation, and serving as a community leader.

Case Study

S&W created a plan that fortified Providence Animal Center’s trajectory of success, formalized their role as a community resource and leveraged its position to serve as a national model.


The Foundation for Delaware County

“After just two years as a new community foundation serving Delaware County, we turned to S&W for strategic direction. Each member of their team was sharp, incisive, listened well, and brought their best to all of our individual and group meetings. We came away with a cogent plan that everyone – Board and staff alike – is energized to implement and that we’re confident will excite our community.”

– Frances M. Sheehan, President


Baylor Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty

Recently our team at the Baylor Collaborative embarked on a strategic planning process.  Our hope was that each team member would have their voices heard and their ideas incorporated into a vision, mission, goals, and objectives to guide our work over the next five to seven years.  The S&W team were gracious guides that not only delivered an incredible plan at the end but empowered us throughout the process.

Jeremy K. Everett, Executive Director


Diabetes Leadership Council

I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional support provided by Schultz & Williams in steering the strategic plans for three nonprofit organizations simultaneously. Their expertise and dedication were evident in the meticulous structure and high-quality output of the entire process. They demonstrated a sincere commitment to understanding our mission and its importance, making the journey not only efficient but also deeply impactful. Schultz & Williams truly stands out in their ability to navigate and elevate the strategic vision of multiple organizations with finesse and excellence.

Edward T. Hawthorne, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors


Visit Delco

As Visit Delco looked to reorganize and move forward, we needed a solid strategic plan, so we chose to partner with S&W. Their team was incredibly professional, and their communication throughout the process was clear and effective. With their help, we now have a solid plan of action that will ultimately enable us to produce the measurable results we need. Our entire team, including our board, is excited about the direction we’re headed, and we’re thrilled to welcome more visitors to experience Delaware County.

Steve Byrne, Executive Director

Lauren Hansen-Flaschen

Director of Strategic and Business Planning

“We provide clients with a roadmap to achieve their goals through highly engaging, inclusive, and iterative processes. For clients considering shifting their operational model, we offer strategic business planning to assess the current model, identify how it can be evolved to increase revenue streams, maximize resources, match programs to new or expanded audiences, build internal infrastructure, and deliver detailed multi-year financial projections.”


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