Glen Foerd

Glen Foerd stewards an eclectic riverfront estate for the enjoyment and educational benefit of the community. They draw from the property’s unique architecture, art, culture, and history as well as its gardens and waterways. The estate was first built in 1850 and acquired by the City of Philadelphia in 1983. The grounds are now home to the Glen Foerd Historic Estate and Museum, where wedding goers, art enthusiasts, history buffs, and community members visit for a unique recreational experience.


Leadership Changes

Under new leadership, Glen Foerd sought to acquire an educational boat building program called Philadelphia Waterborne. The program included an unparalleled hands-on learning experience for students living in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Glen Foerd needed its own plan for financial sustainability as well as an operational model that would support the boat-building program.

Financial Support

The primary objectives of this project were to identify a strategic business model for Glen Foard, provide detailed revenue and projections, and deliver a final report that the organization could present to major funders. This business plan also needed to reflect and support Glen Foerd’s evolution into an educational and recreational destination.

Business Planning

S&W brought decades of planning experience to deliver the most extensive plan possible to Glen Foerd. We guided them through strategic business planning utilizing our nonprofit financial modeling and management expertise.


The Challenge

Mission Kids continually seeks to strengthen its role as a model child advocacy center by extending its impact beyond the borders of Montgomery County and helping advance support in profound ways. They have advanced in both service delivery and reputation while responding to the increase in demand for forensic interviews, family advocacy, on-site therapy, prevention education, and support for other centers. As the organization plans to open a satellite office in Pottstown, PA to increase access and equity of its services, a comprehensive three-to-five-year Strategic Plan was put into action to expand the organization’s mission and define its next chapter.

The Solution

A Strategic Planning Committee of Board members and staff leaders was formed to steer the decision-making throughout the planning process. Schultz & Williams served as a convener, facilitator, strategic thinker, and researcher. The planning process involved a close study of the organization’s history, organizational structure, programs, and fundraising efforts. Board, staff, and external stakeholders were engaged throughout the process to collect a diverse range of perspectives. This resulted in identifying five strategic goals for Mission Kids to focus energy on and to rally around. The final roadmap drew out a detailed plan of action to achieve each one and jumpstarted its implementation. During the process, the organization’s first vision statement was crafted, its mission statement reconfirmed, and a set of core values developed based on the authentic character of the organization and the principles it stands behind.

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