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When you work with Schultz & Williams you benefit from the experience, insights and expertise of our entire team.

We develop informed, integrated strategies that strengthen your brand and help reach your fundraising goals. These aren’t out of the box programs – they are tailored solutions just for you and evolve with your organization.

Rest assured, one thing that won’t change is our dedication to supporting your organization, so you can focus on changing the world.


Reach and exceed your campaign and fundraising goals through integrated, insights-driven development strategies.

Direct Response

Work with our award-winning team to execute creative communications and high-performance fundraising campaigns.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a priority to ensure your nonprofit’s future relevance, success and sustainability.

Staff Solutions

Let our team be your team in times of staff transitions, to manage special projects or to start-up your development program.

Data & Operations

Support fundraising staff with the information and systems that are fundamental to a donor-first approach.


Get real results from our innovative, integrated digital campaigns that drive advocacy, and boost your fundraising success.


Elevate your skills in fundraising and reinforce leadership through our interactive education programs.


International Campaign for Tibet

“WAY TO GO TEAM!!! We are most grateful for the hard work everyone at S&W put in to help us exceed our goals, and we’re excited to take this positive momentum into this year’s program! It truly makes an impact on what the ICT programs team can do, and in turn leads to even stronger efforts to SAVE TIBET. Thank you all!”

– Lizzy Ludwig, Deputy Director of Development


North Penn Commons

“HealthSpark Foundation had the idea of North Penn Commons, aligning with its focus to encourage collaboration and partnership to achieve improved systems efficiencies and programmatic outcomes. In order to launch the project and bring it to fruition, Schultz & Williams conducted a capital campaign feasibility study, prepared a case statement and developed a brand identify – all essential ingredients of the successful four-year campaign. These elements helped the four organizations ‘own the project,’ conveying a sense of opportunity and possibility to the Board, staff, consumers and the community at-large.”

– Russell Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer

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