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At Schultz & Williams, we know that strong direct response fundraising—a mix of data-driven strategies and resonant creative for direct mail, email, social media and telemarketing—is the bedrock of every effective development program. We are here to ensure that our clients navigate challenges with resilience and capitalize on emerging opportunities in an ever-evolving landscape.

We help our clients succeed and are honored to support nonprofits, helping them reach and exceed their direct response fundraising goals. Many S&W clients are enjoying record-setting results, thanks to the power of our smart Direct Response Fundraising solutions.

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Acquire and Maintain Donor Support

Donors are the backbone of your organization. They power your work. They are your strongest advocates. They keep your mission going strong. Retaining these donors is priority number one. S&W Direct Response Fundraising is your trusted partner in finding and keeping qualified, committed, passionate donors, and ensuring that all your donors at every level reach their full potential.

Donor Acquisition

You want to acquire a loyal, engaged donor, not just a dollar. We work with you to build your donor file through targeted direct mail and digital acquisition, using analytics, compelling creative, in-depth research and careful list selection.

Donor Appeals and Retention

Customized, personal appeals to donors are the lifeblood of most nonprofits. We help you maximize your connections with donors, inspire them to act, motivate them to renew, and convert your “single-issue” donors into long-term friends. Appeals engage donors and allow them to self-identify as someone who can and will do more for the organization. The pipeline to higher levels of giving begins with donor appeals.

Membership Acquisition & Renewal

S&W works with some of the top aquariums, zoos and membership organizations in the U.S. We help build your grassroots base of support through targeted, customized acquisition and strong renewal programs that combine direct mail and digital.

Stewardship & Cultivation

We all want donors to feel the love they deserve for making the world better. We produce communications that show donors how they make a difference, including welcome packages, print and digital newsletters, and impact reports.

Mid-Level Giving

Mid-level giving clubs of $500 or more are your direct route to deeper donor involvement. Let us help you start or maximize your mid-level program with invitations, experiences and benefits that appeal to your supporters and engage them in your mission.

Sustainer Giving

Sustainer giving programs are more popular (and successful) than ever, because monthly donors provide your organization with steady, reliable income. But sustainers are also unique donors who require a solid strategy for cultivation, stewardship and upgrading once they agree to make a monthly commitment.

Creative that Reflects your Mission

Our award-winning creative teams tell stories about your organization that reach the heart of your supporters and move them to action. No cookie cutter creative here—every campaign is unique to your organization.


Successful direct response fundraising relies on deep and thoughtful analysis. At S&W we’re a little obsessed with your data and seek to learn exactly what works for your donors and why, ultimately making your fundraising even better (and more cost effective!)

Case Study

An increasingly difficult fundraising climate makes it challenging for organizations to expand their base of support and to continue actively engaging a committed donor base. Therefore, advancing program goals requires a strategic and collaborative approach—one that allows investment to be driven by analysis and research.

Case Study

Schultz & Williams began our partnership with National Aquarium in 2018 with the goal of helping the Aquarium elevate its membership direct response program to maximize growth, improve overall retention, and inspire more members to make an additional philanthropic gift to support the Aquarium’s mission.

Case Study

As the Aquarium’s agency partner, S&W was asked to help launch a mid-level program designed to develop members into philanthropists and re-engage lapsed donors.

Case Study

A 30-year client of Schultz & Williams, St. Vincent Meals on Wheels is today the largest privately funded Meals on Wheels program in America, serving more than 2,700 meals a day.

Case Study

S&W Direct began working with Cincinnati Children’s in 2012 to provide strategic, analytical and implementation services for its annual giving program.


International Campaign for Tibet

“WAY TO GO TEAM!!! We are most grateful for the hard work everyone at S&W put in to help us exceed our goals, and we’re excited to take this positive momentum into this year’s program! It truly makes an impact on what the ICT programs team can do, and in turn leads to even stronger efforts to SAVE TIBET. Thank you all!”

– Lizzy Ludwig, Deputy Director of Development


St. Vincent Meals on Wheels

“They are true partners who do whatever it takes to help us accomplish our mission, thanks to their focused strategies, targeted creative, in-depth analysis and, most of all, heart.”

– Daryl T. Twerdahl, Executive Director


Oakland Zoo

Our partners at Schultz & Williams have been instrumental in helping us take full advantage of the opportunity to expand our membership base as Oakland Zoo prepared to open its first major new exhibit in 12 years. Their suggestions, guidance, campaign management and post-campaign analysis have been top notch”.

– Sarah Scates, Membership Manager


National Aquarium

“Since Schultz & Williams began its partnership with the National Aquarium in 2018, they have quickly become a trusted partner that provides the support, expertise and industry best practices that have helped us grow our membership and donor programs. Through proven strategies, our Schultz & Williams team has engaged Aquarium supporters that increase ROI and provide sustainable funding for our future.”

– Matt Raines, Director of Membership


Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

“I love strategizing with the team at S&W because those great ideas have led to impactful results in my direct response program. The relationships are a big part of the confidence that I have in their services and recommendations, which they’ve delivered on every time. It’s why I advocated for them in my new role at Children’s. So excited to continue the partnership.”

– Marlena Mason, Director of Annual Giving


UK Markey Cancer Foundation

“The Direct team at Schultz & Williams is made up of true experts in every sense of the word. They are creative, strategic and partners in our fundraising efforts. We feel fortunate to have them as part of our team.”

– Michael Delzotti, President & CEO

Sarah Hartke

Vice President of Direct Response Fundraising

“I enjoy the many challenges involved in helping S&W clients achieve organizational goals in an increasingly competitive fundraising environment. At the same time, I am deeply inspired by our clients’ dedication to their missions and the unrelenting generosity of individual donors.”


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