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Digital Campaigns for Nonprofits

Collaborate with Schultz & Williams’ dynamic digital team to expand your brand across all marketing channels and drive results through our digital campaigns. Our digital enthusiasts provide informed, strategic, and creative ideas for digital campaigns that further your organization’s mission and reach meaningful and measurable goals.

Our experienced team uses evolving best-practices, audience data and testing techniques to continually optimize the way we reach constituents wherever they are: email, social media, your website and more.

By leveraging a true multi-channel approach, we amplify campaigns and programs employed in other channels and measure their collective impact.


Digital Fundraising and Advocacy

Raise money and activate advocates through integrated digital campaigns on your website and across digital platforms.

In-Depth Audiences and Analyses

Learn how to strengthen your organization’s digital presence by diving deep into your website content, structure, goals and performance.

Multi-Channel Engagement

Align your goals and messages with digital strategies to engage and activate supporters across channels, and amplify campaign results.

User Interfaces & Experiences

Improve the performance of your website, donation forms, emails and more by implementing digital best practices and a beautiful, branded design.

Audience Growth & Cultivation

Build your digital program by finding and engaging highly-targeted audiences that stay with your organization for the long haul.

Customized Programs & Consulting

Advance your goals and grow your digital practice through custom strategies that drive results.
Digital Campaigns for Fox Chase - chultz & Williams

Case Study

Using what we’ve learned about Fox Chase donors from our decade-long partnership, our enhanced donor-patient connection drove increased campaign performance.

Digital Campaigns for the Oakland Zoo  - Schultz & Williams

Case Study

S&W was able to recommend new strategies to expand reach and influence prospects to buy a gift membership and to support the Oakland Zoo’s mission.


National Aquarium

“Since Schultz & Williams began its partnership with the National Aquarium in 2018, they have quickly become a trusted partner that provides the support, expertise and industry best practices that have helped us grow our membership and donor programs. Through proven strategies, our Schultz & Williams team has engaged Aquarium supporters that increase ROI and provide sustainable funding for our future.”

– Matt Raines, Director of Membership


International Campaign for Tibet

“WAY TO GO TEAM!!! We are most grateful for the hard work everyone at S&W put in to help us exceed our goals, and we’re excited to take this positive momentum into this year’s program! It truly makes an impact on what the ICT programs team can do, and in turn leads to even stronger efforts to SAVE TIBET. Thank you all!”

– Lizzy Ludwig, Deputy Director of Development


Oakland Zoo

“Our partners at Schultz & Williams have been instrumental in helping us take full advantage of the opportunity to expand our membership base as Oakland Zoo prepared to open its first major new exhibit in 12 years. Their suggestions, guidance, campaign management and post-campaign analysis have been top notch”.

– Sarah Scates, Membership Manager

Brad Levinson

Senior Director, Digital

“By working collaboratively and in partnership with our clients, S&W’s digital team builds, reaches and emboldens bases of support for organizations wherever they are, no matter what channel. Together, we work to inspire supporters, stakeholders and key audiences to make an impact on the issues they care about – one simple action at a time – to achieve current and long-term goals for our clients.”


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