Fox Chase Cancer Center

“Where you start matters.” Fox Chase Cancer Center’s reputation as an NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center in the Philadelphia region has persisted for years thanks to the excellent care offered there. Fox Chase staff work every day to prevail over cancer by giving patients access to leading-edge treatments and technologies, clinical trials, and compassionate care.

S&W and Fox Chase have partnered for the past 10 years on direct response, using multi-channel strategies to drive engagement and revenue for the cancer center.

Fox Chase Cancer Center embraces a mission of treating not just the physical effects of cancer, but its emotional toll as well. We’re proud to have helped Fox Chase donors be there for cancer patients, and show that through our words, we can all power a mission that matters.


Donor Cultivation

We worked with Fox Chase to emotionally connect donors to patients receiving care at the cancer center by giving donors the opportunity to share messages of support with patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.

Increased Revenue & Average Gift

Using what we’ve learned about Fox Chase donors from our decade-long partnership, our enhanced donor-patient connection drove increased campaign performance. Year-over-year, the March digital campaign saw an 87% increase in gross revenue and average gift increased from $58 to $103.

The Challenge

Compared to pillar campaigns such as Giving Tuesday, Calendar Year-End and Fiscal Year-End, early Spring is a historically lower performing time for Fox Chase’s digital fundraising. While navigating the unpredictability of fundraising during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, S&W and Fox Chase worked together to reimagine the March digital campaign so that it would be more compelling and cultivate Fox Chase’s loyal donor base during the uncertain, difficult early days of COVID-19.


The Solution

The campaign had a primary ask to donors and email file non-donors of “sending a message of support to a patient” and a secondary ask of sending a donation.

Creative featured the story of Fox Chase patient Kat Kramer. After receiving lifesaving treatment at Fox Chase, Kat has dedicated her time to giving back to Fox Chase patients. Kat handcrafts neck pillows to provide comfort to Fox Chase patients receiving chemotherapy and radiation. Messaging focused on the role the donor can play in, like Kat, providing comfort and healing to patients by sending a heartfelt message. With cancer patients being isolated from loved ones in the infusion room due to COVID-19 safety protocols, they needed encouragement more than ever—which donors’ messages helped to provide.

With over 1,000 messages received, the campaign demonstrated the connection donors have to this mission and how it influences their support and loyalty. The messages were so moving that the Fox Chase team published them on their website and created a video, titled “You’re Stronger Than You Know“, that featured Fox Chase staff and patients reading the empowering messages.

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