Providence Animal Center (PAC) was founded in 1911 providing watering troughs for workhorses. In 2012, PAC officially became a lifesaving organization that made sure no adoptable animal is put down. This year marks their 10th year as a lifesaving organization! PAC cares for and adopts out pets that they rescue from overcrowded shelters, pets that are given up by their owners and rescues and rehabilitates animals who have suffered cruelty and neglect. PAC also prevents future pet overpopulation through community programs including low-cost public veterinary and behavioral services, humane law enforcement and education and pet food pantries.


Continued Expansion

S&W partnered with PAC to conduct their three-year strategic plan. PAC has been on an incredible growth trajectory and is now taking next steps to continue expanding its programs, services and fundraising.

Setting Strategic Direction

S&W led a comprehensive process to provide a clear plan to guide the organization’s next three years as it continues its successful growth. At the core of the strategic plan, PAC will formalize its role as a community resource and leverage its position to serve as a national model.

Collective Voices

S&W developed a well-rounded, comprehensive three-year plan that lights the path towards the PAC vision and ignites its continued growth and success. The perspectives and input collected from Board, staff, and volunteers were interwoven into the final plan, making it a fully inclusive product.

The Challenge

PAC’s story is one of resiliency, reinvention, and visionary leadership. Formerly known as Delaware County SPCA, PAC suffered from outdated and poor conditions of its facilities. It was close to shutting down. Things began turning around in 2012 when it became a life-saving shelter and then major renovations began in 2014. PAC continued to make great strides in growing stronger financially, building out its services and establishing innovative partnerships centered on promoting the human-animal bond. At the start of the strategic planning, PAC’s main challenge was visioning and planning the next phase of its growth, along with catching up internally with its outward expansion.

The Solution

In 2021, S&W conducted a strategic planning process for Providence Animal Center (PAC) to develop its comprehensive three-year plan. The final plan built on PAC’s existing accomplishments in expanding its programs, services, and fundraising, to fortify and ensure its continued trajectory of success. With a new vision, updated mission and a set of core values, PAC will formalize its new role as a community resource and leverage its position to serve as a national model. PAC will also continue to invest in its human resource base, internal systems, and strategic partnerships under the leadership of its Board.

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