Schultz & Williams is pleased to announce its partnership with Supportive Older Women’s Network (SOWN). Founded in 1984, SOWN was a pioneer in recognizing the critical link between the emotional well-being of older women and their physical health. SOWN strengthens community support networks, reduces social isolation, and improves the well-being of older adults, especially women and their families. It operates four programs in the Greater Philadelphia area: the GrandFamily Resource Center, which provides weekly group counseling and phone support; weekly family literacy workshops, and family activities around healthy living habits for grandparents raising their grandchildren; counseling for homebound adults through teleconference support groups; peer support groups for adults aged 50+; and a COVID-19 informational newsletter which continues to be distributed to older adults throughout Philadelphia.

“It will be an honor to help this incredibly important and impactful organization strengthen and expand its fundraising activities so that it can assist an even greater number of older adults in Philadelphia.” – Hilary Alger, Senior Consultant