Schultz & Williams is pleased to announce a partnership with Virtua Health Foundation—a partnership that builds on S&W’s commitment to supporting the health care community and its critical mission to serve our region.

Through its philanthropic work, the Foundation supports the mission of Virtua Health. Virtua Health provides health care services at multiple locations in South Jersey including five hospitals, seven emergency departments, seven urgent care centers and over 200 other locations. Its signature initiatives include the Nursing Scholarship Fund which fosters nursing education and growth, and the Pediatric Mobile Services program which addresses the heath and wellness needs of children.

“I am proud to have the opportunity to partner with the Philanthropy Operations team of Virtua Health Foundation. Supporting a team who is so thoroughly committed to advancing the Foundation’s efforts through the everyday work of caring for donors reflects Schultz & William’s integrated approach to fundraising. We understand that operations has a crucial role to play in maintaining and stewarding philanthropic relationships.” – Garth Allen, Vice President, Data Analytics and Development Operations