As the number of pediatric COVID-19 cases continues to surge nationwide, the Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) is committed to raising awareness about the crisis U.S. medical facilities are currently facing. CHA is asking the Biden administration and Congress for provider relief funding and federal workforce support to ensure the pediatric healthcare system remains strong in the face of such overwhelming adversity. To further this campaign, CHA published an open letter signed by children’s hospital leaders in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times to encourage the public to exercise caution in the upcoming months when numbers are projected to increase.

According to CHA’s CEO, Mark Wietecha, “Our children’s health care safety net is under unprecedented strain. Children’s hospitals and their dedicated staffs are doing their part, and we hope every American, the White House and Congress can help. Given the situation on the ground, we are reaching out to draw further attention to the challenges we face that affect our kids. Our children’s hospitals provide care to all children who need it, and with support directed to pediatric capacity, they can continue to meet that commitment.

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