Schultz & Williams is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Chestnut Hill Conservancy. This partnership adds to our rich history of working with esteemed organizations dedicated to preserving the cultural and architectural heritage of their communities.

Founded on the principles of historic preservation, community education, and collaborative partnerships, Chestnut Hill Conservancy stands as a beacon of architectural advocacy and environmental sustainability. With a focus on engaging the community through educational programs, preserving green spaces, and fostering responsible development, the Conservancy has become an integral part of Chestnut Hill’s identity.

“Through this partnership, S&W looks forward to contributing to the ongoing success of Chestnut Hill Conservancy. Together, we aim to amplify the organization’s impact, strengthen community ties, and continue the legacy of preserving Chestnut Hill’s unique character for generations to come.”

– Lauren Hansen-Flaschen, Vice President, Strategic & Business Planning