We are proud to announce our strategic partnership with BoardSource as a leader of excellence in nonprofit governance. Over the next year, we will work together on several levels, promoting the importance of effective board leadership for the benefit of our clients and nonprofits across the country and throughout the world.

Our partnership supports the opportunity to work with BoardSource to convene nonprofit leaders at two important events in the upcoming year:

  • BoardSource Leadership Forum will bring more than 1,000 board members, chief executives, staff and nonprofit professionals together to discuss the newest thinking and best practices in nonprofit governance and leadership.
  • Schultz & Williams will host a luncheon in Washington, D.C. featuring Anne Wallestad, president and CEO of BoardSource, as the keynote speaker and Scott Schultz, president of Schultz & Williams. At this inaugural armchair discussion, board and community leaders will explore nonprofit leadership and ways to meet the needs of today’s nonprofit environment in the aftermath of the Coronavirus crisis.

Throughout the next year, our partnership will focus on providing nonprofit professionals with governance-, leadership-, and board-rich content on a number of critical topics. BoardSource’s range of articles, offering professional insights and expertise on how to increase board effectiveness and strengthen organizational impact, will be accessible through the homepage of our website at www.schultzwilliams.com.

In addition, we will provide our own perspectives and expertise on leadership-related issues through periodic blogs posted by BoardSource and featured on our firm’s social media platforms, website and monthly newsletter.

“Our partnership with BoardSource is a commitment to collectively help nonprofits achieve maximum success through effective and informed board leadership,” said President Scott Schultz. “Together, we bring a wealth of tools, resources, experience and subject matter experts to one table for one cause—to affect positive change for local, regional, national and global organizations working on the most significant issues of our time.”

About BoardSource

BoardSource is the recognized leader in nonprofit board leadership and supports, trains, and educates nonprofit leaders from across the country and throughout the world. With almost three decades of experience, BoardSource provides leaders with an extensive range of tools, resources, and research data to increase board effectiveness and strengthen organizational impact. It also serves as the national voice for inspired and effective board leadership. BoardSource is a 501(c)(3) organization.

The organization is fortunate to be led by a diverse and experienced board of directors with a passion and dedication to BoardSource’s mission as well as by a respected CEO and president, Anne Wallestad. Together, they model an exceptional board-staff partnership and provide the strategic leadership that BoardSource encourages and inspires in nonprofit boards.

In 2016, BoardSource was named a Drucker Prize finalist as well as one of The Nonprofit Times Best Nonprofits to Work Top 50 in 2016, 2017, and again in 2018. These accomplishments are a testament to a hardworking and innovative staff — a team of professionals who truly believe “your mission is our mission.”

About Schultz & Williams

Exclusively serving the nonprofit sector, Schultz & Williams (S&W) is a nationally recognized consulting firm that takes an integrated strategic planning, development, fundraising and marketing approach to helping its clients achieve financial stability, meet organizational goals and support greater mission impact.

As the only firm focused on bringing big-picture perspective to every client challenge, S&W serves as an authority on best practices, resulting in tailored, actionable strategies and campaigns that are built on trust, centered on mission and focused on success.

In a rapidly evolving nonprofit sector, S&W utilizes the power of analyses and digital communications, leveraging data and strengthening insights to ensure each client benefits from informed solutions and the exact resources needed to achieve current goals and prepare for what’s next—from emerging capital needs or relevancy challenges to growing competition for support, leadership and resources.

Every Schultz & Williams recommendation and plan is powered by a full team of experts in the field and their passion to make a positive change in the local and global community.