Schultz & Williams is proud to announce a new partnership with the Brighter Horizon Foundation, an organization whose mission is to support first generation students in pursuit of a four-year college degree, or students earning an associate’s degree and a career in the trades. Dedicated to empowering first-gen students and opening opportunities for underserved youth, their hands-on approach encompasses vital aspects of support, from college preparation to application processes to mentoring. 

This partnership symbolizes a collective commitment to envisioning and crafting brighter futures. We will embrace the transformative power of education, fostering resilience and empowerment. This project will be an inspirational narrative of inclusivity, opportunity, and the belief that every student deserves a chance to illuminate their path to success.  

“We are excited to be working with Brighter Horizon because our partnership is beyond planning – it’s a shared commitment to nurturing potential. Every day, we try our best to inspire, uplift, and empower the next generation of leaders, and that’s exactly what our planning will focus on – shaping a future where aspirations are met with the support and guidance needed for success.” – Lauren Hansen-Flaschen, VP of Strategic & Business Planning