Located in West Philadelphia, West Catholic Preparatory High School serves close to 445 students who receive a quality Catholic education in a co-educational setting. Students are educated by both clergy and lay people, who prepare them to go on to the next stage of life after graduation. S&W is currently engaged with West Catholic Prep in developing an actionable and measurable strategic roadmap that unifies staff, teachers, the Board, and the community around the bold vision for the future and priorities for the school’s next three years. Two key issues that will be explored through the process include evaluating current programs and identifying opportunities to strengthen offerings and fortifying the school’s organizational model. Through the planning process, the school will re-establish and refresh its culture after the multifold challenges from COVID-19.

At a time when the challenges to Catholic education are notable, we are very pleased to be working with West Catholic Prep on a comprehensive strategic planning process.  To their credit, they did not view the weakening of Covid as a time to “go back to business as normal,” but recognized it as a springboard for moving the school confidently into a thoughtfully conceived future.  Their energy and optimism make it an honor to partner with them as they plan how to best serve the families and students they serve.


– Michael Downing, Senior Consultant