One of the oldest arboreta in the Northeast, Tyler Arboretum is a nonprofit public garden in Delaware County, serving the Greater Philadelphia region. The Arboretum encompasses 650 acres of renowned plant collections, heritage and champion trees, historic buildings, and 17 miles of hiking trails. Communities members of all ages come to Tyler for a variety of reasons such as to learn about nature, have a fun family outing, and personal restoration.

S&W is pleased to announce our partnership with Tyler in developing a comprehensive and actionable three-year strategic plan and 10-year outlook for the arboretum. Tyler Arboretum was in a time of transition with new leadership and emerging from COVID-19 shutdown and restrictions. S&W is excited to be a part of this opportunity to examine and refresh Tyler’s organizational model, set a clear and bold direction, and unify the teams around shared goals. Currently, S&W and Tyler are working together to build a Strategic Roadmap that will not only ensure the three-year strategic goals and the outlook, but will also describe a sustainable, financial, programmatic, staffing, and governance model.​