Schultz & Williams is pleased to announce a new partnership with Friends of Washington Crossing Park. The Friends’ mission is to share the powerful story of General George Washington’s daring crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas Night in 1776 and interpret its ongoing impact on world history for both today’s citizens and future generations. Friends of Washington Crossing Park was founded by Bucks County residents in 2009 when state budget cuts threatened the Park’s closure. Today, the Friends partners with the Department of Conversation and Natural Resources to offer guided tours and educational programming in the Park.

The Christmas Day Crossing, which reenacts a pivotal moment in the Revolutionary War, is the Friends’ signature event. But Washington Crossing Historic Park offers much more: restored colonial buildings in the park, such as the Thompson-Neely House and McConkey Ferry Inn, give clues about living conditions during the Revolutionary era. Homes and shops that were built later reveal how 19th-century rural Pennsylvanians lived and worked. Among them are the home of a prosperous merchant, a village general store, and homes for skilled artisans.

As the 250th anniversary of the United States’ independence approaches, the Friends plan to launch a campaign to support new interpretive materials, additional wayfinding, more robust educational programming, and the creation of new spaces and amenities at the Park. S&W is supporting the Friends with an assessment of their fundraising capacity while building the foundation for a campaign. This work will prepare Friends of Washington Crossing Park to offer a dynamic and updated visitor experience leading into this milestone anniversary.