Schultz & Williams is thrilled to announce its partnership with Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia. CSFP is a privately funded program whose mission is to provide children from under-resourced Philadelphia families with financial access to quality, safe, K-8th grade, tuition-based schools, thereby increasing their long-term economic and social success. Founded in 2001, CSFP was born from the idea that all Philadelphia children deserve access to a quality education, regardless of their zip code or household income. CSFP currently serves more than 5,000 children enrolled at over 160 private and parochial schools.

Twenty years from its founding, CSFP is more committed than ever to closing Philadelphia’s student achievement gap through scholarships. In January, CSFP launched a $100 million comprehensive campaign with the ultimate goal to increase the power of scholarships as a tool to address the striking education disparity in the region and play a significant role in closing the achievement gap for under-resourced Philadelphia children.

As someone who has supported access to quality education through the work we do at S&W, nothing has excited me quite as much as CSFP’s audacious goals to transform the education landscape in Philadelphia. In our current climate, the stakes have never been higher and the case for support has never been more compelling. For the philanthropist seeking true impact, this is the investment, and I am honored to be a small part of this enormous effort.

-Kelly Grattan, PhD, MBA, CFRE, S&W Vice President