A Renewed Focus

We are always looking for ways to best serve our nonprofit clients and reevaluating the key ingredients to their success. At Schultz & Williams, we recently took a fresh look at how the intersection of data, operations and donor relationships can serve to support our clients more effectively. While we have always provided services in this space, we have recommitted and restructured our Data Analytics and Development Operations practice to maximize the benefit to our clients and support the vital work that they do.

S&W understands that data is only as good as the expertise of the people who interpret it. To make data operational—to deploy it effectively on a daily basis—requires experience. S&W has built a team of dedicated fundraising professionals to help you make data-driven decisions. We employ our high-level analysis knowing that the data must be connected to real people and real outcomes.

“We are excited to see how our Data Analytics and Development Operations practice will continue to further the mission of our clients by focusing on the data, people and systems that work to advance donor relationships and fundraising goals. It is only when these elements are working in harmony that this is possible…and the possibilities are limitless.” – Garth Allen, Vice President – Data Analytics and Development Operations

S&W’s integrated approach to nonprofit management ensures that fundraising information and infrastructure are designed to sustain the people and programs that make our clients’ missions grow. We place people—staff, volunteers, and donors—at the center of our work.