Schultz & Williams is pleased to announce its partnership with Audubon Nature Institute. This continues a long relationship with Audubon as a leader in best practices for zoos and aquariums over 5 decades of growth. Audubon operates a family of ten museums and parks dedicated to nature. It serve its visitors, the community of New Orleans and the world as an educational resource, an environmental guardian, a leader in economic development and a venue for family entertainment. It is a force in New Orleans. S&W conducted strategic planning for Audubon as well as a campaign planning study in 2003 right before Hurricane Katrina. S&W’s work with Audubon continues our  extensive history of supporting zoos and aquariums across the country in their efforts to build a strong donor base, create a culture of philanthropy and conduct successful campaigns focused on the future.

Audubon has been a beacon of stalwart service to the public during COVID and is now dedicated to re-building its teams and continue a forward trajectory of capital improvements and advancing its conservation and species survival centers. During this project, S&W will conduct an in-depth development assessment, prepare a case for support and conduct a campaign planning study. The results of this work will  solidify Audubon for future generations and lay the groundwork for continued expansion and service to the public and to the planet.

It is an honor for S&W to partner with Audubon Nature Institute at this time. There is literally no place like Audubon in this country with its winning combination of a zoo, an aquarium and a family of parks and attractions in the heart of New Orleans.  Audubon’s deep commitment not only to the city of New Orleans but also to conservation and species survival make it a true leader at the forefront of environmental action. I am thrilled to be working with the talented leaders at Audubon to set the future course of a great institution.

-Cathy Card Sterling, S&W Vice President