Schultz & Williams remains committed to keeping our clients updated on USPS postal changes, and any news that may affect mail deliverability or rate changes as we complete Year End fundraising efforts and look ahead to the New Year.

The USPS announced in October that they have submitted notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission of a planned increase in postage as of January 15, 2021. Nothing has been passed or confirmed at this time, but the increase would be about 1.8% for first class mail and 1.5% for all other categories. The goal of the price increase would be to provide some additional revenue for the USPS and help to keep them competitive with international shipping services. It’s not known exactly when the decision will be reached, but we will keep a close eye on any updates.

We will also continue to track delivery times post-election as we move through the busy fall season. In the weeks leading up to the election, the post office prioritized all election mail, including ballots and campaign materials, to ensure that all materials would be delivered on time. We are working with our production partners to track delivery times this fall so that we can get a full picture of how non election mail was impacted compared to last year.

If you have any concerns or questions about the current state of the USPS and delivery, please reach out to us. We know how important our fall campaigns, particularly this year, are to all of the organizations we work with and will continue to monitor any USPS updates and delivery times as we close out the year.