The whoosh sound you may have heard yesterday afternoon was the collective sigh of relief of a concerned nation. Justice was finally served in the George Floyd murder case. His family, friends, neighbors – people from every corner of America and around the world – held their breath as the verdict was read. For a brief moment, our legal system worked as it should. But the brutal murder of this man, by the very people who were supposed to “serve and protect” him, was a wake-up call. The need to do something to end systemic racism in this country did not end with yesterday’s verdict. No, this tragic event must be the beginning of a national movement to stand up against racism and hate. A brave girl with a cell phone stood up for George Floyd. The jurors stood up for George Floyd. The lawyers and witnesses stood up for George Floyd. Now, it is our turn to stand up for George Floyd and the countless others who have been oppressed and victimized by a culture of hate and a system that perpetuates it. One by one, by our personal thoughts and actions, we can make a difference. We MUST make a difference.

Schultz & Williams will do its part in the fight against racism and violence toward people of color. We will work for and support causes that reflect change and progress for racial equity. We will encourage staff to express themselves during times of crisis. And we will publicly join in the chorus of voices demanding an end to the subjugation of our fellow citizens.

The verdict in the murder case of George Floyd may be over, but America’s trial has just begun.