S&W StaffSolutions™ is here to help nonprofits fill critical roles with transitional, start-up and project-based experts in development, management and marketing.  A key aspect of any successful development program is strong leadership from the Board to the CEO to the CDO to the major gifts officer.

In today’s nonprofit landscape, however, turnover in development leadership is becoming more and more common. Throughout the sector, development directors are the hardest roles to fill and retain. At the same time, no nonprofit can afford to “take a break” from raising vital funding and engaging donors and volunteers.

In addition to replacing staff, nonprofits often need temporary staffing to support short-term fundraising projects or to start up a development division.

At Schultz & Williams, we’ve seen evidence of these situations in our Philadelphia market and with clients around the country who have utilized our temporary staffing services. S&W StaffSolutions™ professionals have helped organizations maintain momentum in capital campaigns, annual giving, major gifts and grant writing while they search for new development leadership. Most important, our StaffSolutions™ professionals maintain development’s regular presence at senior management-level discussions and in front of the Board, helping organizations keep the role of philanthropy top of mind.

As consultants, with both a fresh perspective and varied expertise, we are often able to add significant value to clients’ development programs through our staffing work.

Whether we are establishing a regular program for the CEO to make prospect calls, crafting a new case statement or hammering out a better working relationship between development and finance, we can use our unique influence as temporary personnel from outside the organization. In this way, we help lay the foundations that a new development director will need in order to hit the ground running. What’s more, qualified candidates are more likely to come on board if they know that someone has been “minding the store” during the transition.

S&W StaffSolutions also assists clients with their search process, helping to craft, update or refine the job description; selecting the key sites in which to post it; and providing feedback on candidate applications through the lens of what our consultants have learned during our time on the job. As permanent staff are hired, we provide a full orientation, smoothing the transition for your new employee.

S&W StaffSolutions™ continues to grow, with the addition of new professionals to our roster, new first-time clients and an overall increase in the number of senior-level roles filled by Schultz & Williams team members.

The nonprofit community continues to value temporary staffing: bridging vacancies with an infusion of professional support can not only help maintain development activity in the short term, but can also position organizations and their fundraising leadership for greater long-term success.

For more about S&W’s StaffSolutions™, please contact Kelly Grattan at 215-625-9955, ext. 138 or kgrattan@schultzwillstg.wpengine.com