Schultz & Williams is delighted to announce its recent collaboration with Saint Colman Parish. The partnership will allow St. Colman Parish to build on its rich history and provide even more resources to its parishioners and the broader community.  

Beginning in 1907, Saint Colman Parish has stood as a beacon of hope and sanctity for residents of Ardmore, PA, and surrounding neighborhoods. With a deep commitment to creating and nourishing the Christian Community, Saint Colman Parish serves those in need and promotes a deeper relationship with Jesus. Saint Colman Parish is committed to enhancing the spiritual lives of individuals and families, creating a lasting impact on its parishioners.  

“As a resident of Ardmore, I am particularly excited to work with St. Colman Parish because I see first-hand the good work they doing to support their community of faith.” says Renee Archawski, Senior Consultant. “It’s an exciting time for the Parish as they embark on work that will help to provide even more support to their spiritual community and to the residents of Ardmore. Schultz & Williams looks forward to assisting the Parish in achieving its goals!”