Over the years, as fundraisers and nonprofit executives, we have always understood the value of an engaged and high-powered Board of Directors. Your first steps taken as a development professional are to learn the mantra of TTT (Time, Talent, Treasure), WWW (Wealth, Wisdom, Work) and GGG (Give, Get, Get Off). Of course, they all mean essentially the same thing. If you want to be effective as a fundraiser, you need a board that can and will bring money to the table. But is this thinking still relevant and appropriate?

This article from the Stanford Social Innovation Review by Anne Wallestad, president and CEO at BoardSource, suggests a new paradigm for thinking about the role of the nonprofit board. The uncertain times we live in require new approaches that will power your mission through a purpose-driven focus. If you are looking for ways to navigate the change that surrounds us, think inside-out. It may start with your board.