S&W will be sponsoring a webinar titled “Are We There Yet? Mid-Level: Ways to Get There and Beyond” on December 9, 2021 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. At this event, Sarah Hartke, Vice President, Direct Response, Elizabeth Velardi, Assistant Vice President, Account Services & Analytics, and Brad Levinson, Senior Director, Digital, will be discussing the importance of your organization’s mid-level giving program.

Beginning/refining your organization’s mid-level giving program can provide both a consistent stream of revenue and the pipeline for major gifts. A mid-level program (defined generally as giving between $1k & $10k) offers a chance for deeper and more personal engagement with donors, allowing them the opportunity to self-identify as someone with the capacity and inclination to give at a higher level.

Additionally, a mid-level giving program has significant value on its own. While it acts as the bridge between annual giving and major giving, donors who remain at mid-level will continue to contribute significant revenue throughout their lifetime if stewarded correctly.


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