This week, American author and philanthropist MacKenzie Scott gave $5M to S&W client, Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia (HFHP) as part of a $436M gift for affordable housing. This marks the largest one-time gift that the organization has ever received.

HFHP plans to use the investment to build and repair homes more quickly and increase its advocacy work on behalf of those facing income inequality. They also intend to upgrade outdated construction equipment and internal management systems as well as create an online application for their home repair program. In general, Scott’s contribution will allow HFHP to work on multiple projects simultaneously and adapt to changes in funder priorities. According to Corinne O’Connell, HFHP’s chief executive officer, “speaking on behalf of the larger housing network, this gift signals there’s a real recognition there is a housing crisis and that we need to put a lot of resources into it.”

S&W has provided HFHP with the full scope of our services via campaign consulting and guidance from our experts in direct response. As a trusted partner, we are excited to see how the Philadelphia nonprofit utilizes this generous donation to improve the lives of local residents who struggle to become or remain homeowners.