Year-end is always a busy time in a development office.

A foundation client called our Direct Response team in early December with an urgent request to add a short list of important donors to their year-end mailing. Less than one week from the scheduled mail date, production of the campaign was well underway and the lettershop was not able to accommodate the request. We didn’t want our client to miss the opportunity to reach these donors, even if there were only a few of them. Therefore, our account team came up with a solution: we’d mail the names directly from our Schultz & Williams office.

So, we modified the art, redesigning the letter and reply forms to be printed in-house, and included a stamped return envelope addressed to the Director of Donor Relations. As a result, the appeal looked very personal, as if it were mailed directly from the desk of the Foundation president, who signed the letter. Within two weeks of mailing the appeal, the client had already received several contributions, including a four-figure upgrade gift. By year-end, the client had a 50% response rate with $10,700 in hand.

​While we’re experts in large-scale direct marketing services, we’re also focused on what matters most: creating custom solutions for every client’s challenge, no matter how big, small or unexpected!