Sister Alice Marie Quinn first reached out to feed Los Angeles seniors with a pot of stew in a church basement near the hospital where she was a dietitian.

When the determined nun learned how many shut-in seniors were hungry, Sister Alice Marie rallied her supporters and volunteers, bought a van, and St. Vincent Meals on Wheels was born in 1977.

In 1988, St. Vincent Meals on Wheels became one of S&W’s first clients.They had 2,000 donors and a huge mission to fulfill: To deliver daily nourishing meals with love to shut-in seniors across L.A., regardless of their ability to pay.

Over the past 30 years our partnership has thrived, helping St. Vincent deliver over 27 million meals and become the largest privately funded meal program in the U.S.

We started with direct mail to grow their donor base exponentially. With the advent of digital fundraising, online engagement was added.

The Breakfast Club began to let donors sponsor one client’s morning meals through monthly giving. Then the Circle of Angels was formed to recognize and honor donors of $1,000 and up.

And there is St. Vincent’s planned giving program, the Sister Alice Marie Quinn Legacy Society, named for the beloved leader who passed away last year. Today it provides a steady stream of estate gifts from donors who wish to make food and love for L.A.’s forgotten seniors part of their personal legacy.

“I have to admit St. Vincent Meals on Wheels is my favorite client,” said president Scott Schultz. “Sister Alice Marie will always be a hero and guiding light; she showed us what it means to serve with love.”

As we celebrate 30 years of partnership, St. Vincent is stronger than ever, still growing to meet the needs of seniors across L.A. We’re honored to help carry on their mission. # # #