S&W ProFile™ Analytics: What’s hiding in your data? Many organizations maintain extensive constituent databases with biographical information, membership records, and information about past donations and event participation. Successful fundraisers know how to unlock the wealth of knowledge contained in all that raw information to recognize giving patterns, identify negative trends and establish critical benchmarks for maintaining significant growth.

Schultz & Williams can set your organization on the right path with S&W ProFile™ – a comprehensive, retrospective view of donor and program performance over the entire time and depth of your data history. It is not a preset data model, but rather a customized form of analysis that starts with an in-depth understanding of how you engage your constituents

The basic questions answered through S&W ProFile™ analytics include:

How have the various elements of the fundraising program performed over time?

What are key opportunities and challenges for the program?

What does the average constituent “look” like, and what are the differences between those donors and your “best” donors?

What is the long-term value of your particular donor segments, based on initial method and source of acquisition, length of association, organizational participation, giving patterns and other characteristics?

What messages resonate best with your different donor cohorts?

Which are the best channels for reaching certain groups of donors?

The analysis also takes a close look at the return on investment in various aspects of your direct response program as well as break-even points for certain investments. The questions that can be answered by S&W ProFile™ analytics are limited only by the quality of the data and the imagination of those asking the questions.

Whenever possible, promotional histories and costs are included in the analyses in order to obtain net values and relative efficacies of various techniques and efforts. Diverse analytical methods can be used including statistical, qualitative, data mining and geographic techniques.

Based on these findings, S&W delivers recommendations regarding:

Benchmarks for the growth potential of each program and donor segment;

Models to use in identifying major gift prospects, mid-level prospects and monthly giving prospects;

Ways to leverage the current base of support by expanding monthly, mid-level, major and planned gift programs.

An S&W ProFile™ analysis can provide the greatest degree of detail about your program and its constituents. It is an interactive process with constant dialogue to clarify questions and issues raised as a result of the analyses. What evolves is a truly customized study with actionable recommendations for identifying potential loyal donors and increasing their long-term value.

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