The National Aquarium, consistently ranked as one of the nation’s top three aquariums, is a leader in conservation action. By organizing community clean-ups and restoring thousands of acres of habitat like tidal marshes around the Chesapeake Bay, they are rebuilding local populations of reptiles, migratory birds and plant life.

National Aquarium recently rescued and rehabilitated a juvenile seal named Tom Sawyer, who was was suffering from an eye ulcer, lungworm infection, and injuries to his flipper and mouth. A team of on-site veterinary specialists immediately treated his injuries. After 4 months of some much needed recovery, Tom was then challenged to a live prey test to ensure his post-release survival. Tom passed the examination with ease and was released back into the ocean at Assateague State Park on August 11th.

Tom was National Aquarium’s 3rd seal patient of the 2021 season. Their rescue program continues to aid marine mammals and sea turtles along the Maryland coast and helps respond, rescue and release animals year-round.

I am constantly awed by their commitment to care for wildlife and the difference they are making for the benefit of people, animals and the planet. (Gaia Faigon, S&W Account Coordinator)