February is Black History Month – a time to recognize and honor the contributions and achievements of Black Americans and their role throughout U.S. history. I hope you will join me in using this moment to read, listen, and learn about the brilliant, courageous and creative men and women who have shaped this country. But Black history should be more than an annual event. Black history is American History. And our failure to pay attention to the true and unvarnished history of our nation leaves us unable to fulfill the promise of “freedom and justice for all”. Use this as an opportunity to dig a little deeper this year and make a pledge, as I have, to learn more, do more, and say more about Black history throughout the year.

In this article, the author delves into the importance of introducing these subjects to children so they can learn to think critically about the kind of society they live in and how it came to be the way it is. It’s a perfect example of digging deeper, doing better, and continuing to educate ourselves and others about this critical topic.

In honor of this month, Schultz & Williams will be showcasing some of our incredible nonprofit clients who continue to fight against racial disparities seen in employment, wealth, housing, healthcare, legislation, education, and additional aspects of our current culture. We are honored to partner with these brave individuals who work to amplify Black voices and advocate for change.