Data Analytics

Informed Decisions. Measurable Results.

Drive Results With Performance & Industry Trends.

Fueling Strategies for Success.

Harness the power of donor data to take your development program to the next level. Insights and analysis can help prioritize your organization’s resources to run more efficiently, execute effective campaigns, and ultimately improve outcomes.

By marrying robust data sets with expert analysts and senior level fundraising strategists, Schultz & Williams delivers more than dense reports. We provide actionable analysis with achievable results.

S&W understands the analysis isn’t a point in time, it’s an ongoing cycle of strategic planning, implementation and optimization. This full-circle approach to data continuously informs our strategy to consistently achieve tangible returns on client investments.


S&W ProFile™ Analytics

Analyze your full donor file to understand the health of your program, success of a specific strategy, campaign readiness and more.

Prospect Identification Modeling

Uncover your next generation of philanthropists through S&W’s custom models built using your data and our years of extensive experience.

Database Audit

Optimize your constituent database with in-depth diagnostics and a customized clean-up plan.

Direct Marketing Insights

Stay informed about every campaign through regular reporting infused with deep, data-driven insights and analysis.

Advanced Audience Analysis

Create unique experiences for donors on your file by segmenting them using personas, engagement history and more.

Philanthropic Capacity Screening

Identify and prioritize top prospects with ratings based not only on wealth indicators, but on philanthropic behavior and affinity as well.

Case Study

Philabundance saw an opportunity for improvement that would enhance donor stewardship. Knowing that excellent donor service relies on good data, a reliable database, and an effective Development operations team, the organization looked to S&W to assess the situation and provide solutions for improvement.

Case Study

The International Campaign for Tibet, a nonprofit organization that works to promote human rights and democratic freedoms for the people of Tibet, has partnered with S&W since 2012.

Case Study

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania recognized the need to elevate its fundraising and membership operation in order to secure the philanthropic revenue required to meet its ambitious goals. They brought S&W in to create a prospect management plan.


Oakland Zoo

“Our partners at Schultz & Williams have been instrumental in helping us take full advantage of the opportunity to expand our membership base as Oakland Zoo prepared to open its first major new exhibit in 12 years. Their suggestions, guidance, campaign management and post-campaign analysis have been top notch”.

– Sarah Scates, Membership Manager


International Campaign for Tibet

“WAY TO GO TEAM!!! We are most grateful for the hard work everyone at S&W put in to help us exceed our goals, and we’re excited to take this positive momentum into this year’s program! It truly makes an impact on what the ICT programs team can do, and in turn leads to even stronger efforts to SAVE TIBET. Thank you all!”

– Lizzy Ludwig, Deputy Director of Development

Garth Allen

Vice President

“When data is employed to inform strategy it should propel a fundraising team’s activity forward to meet opportunity. It is only when data, systems, and people are seamlessly working together that this is possible.”


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