The International Campaign for Tibet (ICT), a nonprofit organization that works to promote human rights and democratic freedoms for the people of Tibet, has partnered with the Schultz & Williams Direct Response team since 2012.

An ongoing goal for their program is to refine campaign mailing lists to yield the highest response rates, average gifts and revenue in the most cost-effective manner.


Maximizing the Yield

The International Campaign for Tibet, an S&W client since 2012, has an ongoing goal: refine mailing lists to yield the highest rates of return, average gifts and revenue as cost effectively as possible.

Renewing vs. Appeals

The S&W Direct team noticed significant numbers of donors responding to renewal campaigns but not responding to subsequent appeals throughout the year.

Employing S&W DonorProfile Analytics™

Through S&W’s unique donor analytics tool, we identified donors who responded to renewals in the past two years. From those, we identified which donors responded only to renewal campaigns. These “renewal only” donors are now mailed on a reduced schedule, achieving the same levels of gifts while achieving higher response rates and larger net revenues.

The Challenge

The S&W team noticed that some ICT donors who responded to the client’s renewal campaign in January and February responded only to this unique effort and to no subsequent appeal campaigns throughout the year. The challenge was for S&W to identify and create a strategy for these “renewal only” donors to avoid incurring unnecessary fundraising costs with little return on investment, while ensuring that their names were retained on the data base for mailings.

The Solution

We employed our S&W DonorProfile Analytics™ tool to, first, identify all donors who responded to the renewal campaign in the previous two calendar years and then to identify from these donors those who responded only to the renewal campaign and to no subsequent appeal in the respective calendar year.

Those identified as “renewal only” donors are being mailed on a strategically reduced schedule this calendar year, ensuring that they are still being asked year-round during key campaigns while also minimizing costs.

The premise of this strategy is that the appeal campaigns will continue to yield similar levels of gifts and gross revenue and will also achieve higher response rates (fewer pieces mailed) and larger net revenues (fewer associated costs).

This strategy is being evaluated to ensure that the “renewal only” donor audience maintains strong retention, response rates and average gifts while employing this more cost-effective strategy.

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