Carolyn Moatz



Carolyn specializes in development operations. She works with clients to optimize their use of the database to be more efficient and to uncover prospects already know to the nonprofit. She has experience creating reports to be shared within the development team, within the organization, as well as externally. She works with other shareholders in organizations to ensure that data is correct wherever it is housed.

Carolyn has experience in merging information from multiple sources into one database. She has created processes and procedures for prospect management, gift entry, and reporting.

Prior Experience

Prior to joining S&W, Carolyn held annual giving and development services positions in higher education and at K-12 schools. She was the first dedicated database manager at Independence Mission Schools, combining their 16 donor databases into one master database and creating their prospect management program.

She has experience in training development officers to optimize their use of database tools. She created processes and data standards that ensure reports are pulled consistently month to month and year to year. Carolyn has experience working with finance offices to ensure gifts are entered and dispersed in accordance with the donor’s wishes.

Client Experience

  • Gesu School
  • Natural Lands
  • Shelburne Museum
  • Wills Eye Foundation

Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA