Our Commitment to Sustainability

S&W places great emphasis on discovering and implementing new products and services in the nonprofit consulting space to bring value that other firms cannot. This continual effort includes: 

Participating in Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) and Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) complimence initiatives. 

Sustainable forest management is vital for ensuring the long-term health and well-being of our planet’s forests. The printing industry at large has led many initiatives to go green, starting with paper conservation and recycling. We are able to trace where our paper comes from and show that it was responsibly grown, cut, milled and replaced. These certifications provide a chain of sustainability back to the forest where the trees were harvested from, all the way to when the mail enters the postal stream. 

Opting to use soy-based ink. 

Soy ink is made from soybeans. Compared to traditional petroleum-based ink, soy-based ink is accepted as more environmentally friendly. While slower to dry than many inks, it provides more accurate colors and makes it easier to recycle paper. 

Aligning with partners who utilize wind power and renewable natural energy. 

Wind power is a form of renewable natural energy which is generated from wind. Wind has emerged as one of the widely used sources of energy in the modern world, owing to its nature as a virtually inexhaustible source of energy. Wind power involves the process of converting wind energy into mechanical or electrical energy using wind turbines. 

Selecting biodegradable products. 

For many clients, our Direct Response team recommends the use of the “EnviroSafe Line” of biodegradable window envelopes. These meet the standard to be truly biodegradable as they are made from wood pulp and cotton fiber only. 

Adopting environmentally-friendly office practices. 

We continually review and refine our sustainability practices within our office. We adhere to recycling protocols as dictated by the City of Philadelphia. Additionally, our firm has adopted a hybrid work-from-home model which allows us to conserve energy usage. We also stress the importance of minimizing our use of paper products by adopting digital options. 

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