Wills Eye Foundation is the sole fundraising arm of Wills Eye Hospital, the leading eye care institution in the Philadelphia region and worldwide. Beyond its commitment to providing skilled and compassionate patient care, the Hospital is also a world leader in training clinicians and researchers at all levels while driving therapeutic breakthroughs through research and innovation.


Emerging Needs

The Foundation’s Operations team required additional resources in order to fully meet emerging fundraising needs.

Lending Support

The Foundation looked to S&W to provide data processing support and routine database maintenance.

Creating value

S&W’s consultants brought a wealth of expertise to address their daily operational needs while also implementing valuable database improvements.

The Challenge

Development operations staff often face the need for additional or temporary database support during times of staff transition or heightened fundraising activities — whether it’s the annual gala, the year-end push for the annual fund, or peak campaign activity. At moments like these, calling on experienced and reliable database support services can significantly impact donor relations, financial reporting, and database integrity.

Early in 2023, as the year-end giving season was wrapping up, and the annual calendar of events and appeals was gearing up, the Wills Eye Foundation Operations team saw the need for additional resources to manage its Raiser’s Edge database and to provide data processing support.

The Solution

With deep experience in standard operational processes and database management, a Schultz & Williams consultant was able to quickly onboard and provide seamless data entry and data clean up services to Wills Eye Foundation. Drawing from extensive experience working with nonprofit clients, our S&W consultant brought industry best practices and technical expertise to positively impact the quality of the client’s data.

When organizations encounter knowledge or capacity gaps within their staff, S&W offers responsive and collaborative solutions. Whether it’s handling bulk batch processing for membership renewals, optimizing digital integrations, or building customized progress to goal reports, S&W consultants meet the moment, addressing operational needs with skill and thoughtfulness.

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