Stuart Weitzman School of Design is a diverse community of scholars and practitioners committed to advancing the public good through art, design, planning, and preservation. Its mission is to prepare students to address complex sociocultural and environmental issues through thoughtful inquiry, creative expression, and innovation. Following five years of rapid growth and investment, the School is now embarking on an $5M capital campaign to better support students by renovating and expanding facilities and student fellowships for its students.


Behind the Scenes

The Stuart Weitzman School of Design looked to Schultz & Williams to provide essential staffing support during several personnel transitions while moving their capital campaign and other efforts forward.

Staffing Goals

The School needed to continue its annual fund, major gift, alumni relations, and stewardship programs while hiring staff to lead each area.

Value Proposition

Schultz and Williams expertly matched a StaffSolutionsTM consultant to meet the School’s interim staffing needs while providing counsel during the hiring process for the department’s open positions.

The Challenge

As the Stuart Weitzman School of Design embarked on an $5M capital campaign to expand its physical space on Penn’s campus, the Development and Alumni Relations Department faced a challenge that many organizations are having – staff transitions. Within a few months, a team of five full-time staff shrank to two. As a result, there was an urgent need to raise funds, steward donors, support alumni, and partner with a firm to develop the vision for the department moving forward.

The Solution

S&W StaffSolutionsTM transformed the staff openings at the School into strategic opportunities by supporting the fall annual fund campaign, developing and implementing donor stewardship strategies, engaging alumni, and supporting development operations. S&W was essential in leading the efforts of the School’s annual gala fundraiser, ensuring that it was profitable and engaging for donors. Additionally, S&W served as a thought partner with the Assistant Dean of Development and Alumni Relations at the School to refine the job descriptions for each open position and provide a valued perspective during the hiring process. This work was vital to the School’s continued success as it completed its capital campaign. 


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