The Public Interest Law Center uses high-impact legal strategies to advance the civic, social, and economic rights of communities in the Philadelphia region facing discrimination, inequality, and poverty. PILC uses litigation, community education, advocacy and organizing to secure access to fundamental resources and services.


Raising Funds

The Public Interest Law Center sought to raise additional funds to expand its work and increase its endowment. PILC anticipated aligning this campaign with its 50th anniversary celebration, commemorating decades of work focused on justice and equality for all.

Safeguarding Its Mission

The Law Center’s ability to pursue greater equality and access in our communities depends on its ability to attract and retain top legal talent. The goal of this campaign was to celebrate the Law Center’s pursuits to date, achieve greater financial security to safeguard its mission, and expand the number of cases.

An experienced team

The S&W team offered extensive experience in campaign planning studies, Board and staff solicitation training, and campaign implementation. With more than 60 campaign planning studies and fundraising efforts completed in the past few years alone, we were equipped to deftly manage the unique challenges of this $2 million campaign.

The Challenge

The Public Interest Law Center has always been at the forefront of justice and equality work for the people of the Greater Philadelphia area. In the past several years, the Law Center has tackled significant projects in employment, education, housing, and healthcare. The staff and Board at the Law Center could clearly see that future needs exceeded current resources. In order to pursue cases more fully, the Law Center sought to raise $2 million in philanthropic support toward operations and endowment.

The Solution

S&W conducted a four-month study which included conversations with staff, Board members, partner organizations, and donors to determine the best path forward. Finding the campaign feasible, S&W then outlined the Campaign Plan and began working closely with staff and volunteer leadership on implementation. This included assembling and training the Campaign Committee, developing donor strategies as well as identifying, researching, and qualifying potential funders. As a testament to PILC’s commitment to the campaign they adjusted fundraising efforts during staff transitions and the COVID-19 pandemic. Through our collective effort, the Law Center successfully met its fundraising goal for the campaign.

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