With 16 sites, covering 75 miles in the Greater Washington Region, BGCGW serves as safe havens for its members. Its critical goal: to provide world class programs that target the opportunity gap, close the digital divide, break barriers and change lives. Open when schools are not, BGCGW clubs provide a safe and fun alternative to being home alone or on the street. Over 1,500 youth attend the Clubs. The Clubs’ Formula for Impact comprises five key elements for positive youth development – safety, fun, support, opportunity and recognition.


Achieving Goals

With an exceptional CEO, executive team and board now in place, BGCGW sought to address its history of being undercapitalized. Never before has BGCGW undertaken a comprehensive campaign to achieve its goals.

Investing in the future

The goal of this campaign is to raise $30 million to achieve the critical goals of BGCGW’s new strategic plan: to strategically invest in innovative programming, endowment growth and capital enhancements.

Gaining a deeper understanding

S&W brought to this engagement in-depth campaign experience plus an understanding of the philanthropic landscape in Washington DC as well as a commitment to the area’s youth. During COVID, we spoke with 40 of BGCGW’s major prospects bringing an understanding of the business, social and cultural fabric of Greater Washington.

The Challenge

The stark impact of COVID on the youth of Washington plus a new focus on bridging the opportunity gap signaled the necessity and the moment for launching the All In Campaign. Since its founding, BGCGW has provided a vital link to children after school, serving kids and teens through a strategy to ensure academic success, good character and citizenship, and healthy lifestyles. While providing these programs, BGCGW has been dramatically undercapitalized. The All In Campaign seeks to address that.

The Solution

In January 2020, as the pandemic began, S&W conducted an in-depth assessment and subsequent campaign planning study to examine the prospect pool, case for support, leadership and infrastructure at BGCGW. We tested a $50 million goal and re-stated that goal at $30 million based on our discussions with donors. A multi -platform case for support was created. We conducted extensive training sessions for board members.

The initial lead gift phase is now underway with strong momentum and with approximately 30 donor prospects identified and asks in progress. Another 75 donors have been qualified and assigned. A dynamic campaign cabinet was recruited and are now cultivating prospects. A series of events is now scheduled to cultivate lead philanthropists and raise the visibility of BGCGW and the All in Campaign. To date, BGCGW has raised over half of their $30million goal after the first full year of the campaign.

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