Schultz & Williams President L. Scott Schultz introduces Douglas Bauer, Executive Director, Clark Foundation, keynote speaker at the firm’s 30th Anniversary Celebration on October 18 at our nation’s newest treasure in Philadelphia, the Museum of the American Revolution.

Schultz & Williams celebrated its 30th Anniversary on October 18 at one of the firm’s current development clients, the Museum of the American Revolution.

Attended by more than 160 guests and staff members, the event celebrated the success of Schultz & Williams work with nearly 1,000 outstanding nonprofit clients since its founding in 1987. These clients represent a diverse client base across the country including social service organizations, education, arts and culture, health and sciences, conservation and environmental organizations, social justice and community services, and zoos and aquariums.

“It has been an honor to work with such diverse and impressive clients over three decades, each having its own unique needs and challenges,” said S&W President Scott Schultz. “We have always provided an array of services—development, multi-channel fundraising, planning, marketing and transitional staffing—intended to help our clients remain effective, relevant and sustainable in a changing world.”

In addition to welcoming guests to a social reception, Schultz & Williams proudly featured Douglas Bauer, Executive Director of the Clark Foundation as a keynote speaker presenting, Philanthropy: Where We Have Been…Where We Are Going…The Need for Necessary Trouble.

Mr. Bauer and the Clark Foundation focus on helping people out of poverty and assisting individuals to lead independent and productive lives, and support nonprofits and programs in New York City and Cooperstown, NY. Mr. Bauer’s speech reflected his years of experience working in, and supporting, the nonprofit sector and emphasized the critical role these collective organizations and institutions must play to make our communities and nation stronger.

An introductory speech by S&W President Scott Schultz, The Times They Are a-Changin’, and an opportunity for guests to experience the Museum’s presentation of General George Washington’s actual Revolutionary War Tent rounded out the evening.

“Our real purpose for the celebration was to thank and recognize our clients, partners and friends who work every day on the most significant issues of our time and whose missions have local, regional and global impact,” said S&W Principal Jane Williams. “It is our privilege to work with so many outstanding organizations and to have the opportunity to support their efforts—past, present and future.”

“For 30 years, Schultz & Williams has supported nonprofits based on a basic belief that development, management and marketing strategies must be fully integrated in order to fulfill their mission-related goals,” said President Schultz. “The success of this integrated philosophy over many years inspires all of us at Schultz & Williams to continue our hard work in a field that really matters.”

Schultz & Williams is a national consulting firm with more than 65 professional staff dedicated to helping nonprofits of every size and sector achieve financial stability, meet organizational goals and support greater mission impact. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, Schultz & Williams also has operations in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.