S&W client, Providence Animal Shelter (PAC), is a nonprofit animal welfare organization located in Media, Pennsylvania. As a “rescue, medical care, treatment, protection and placement of companion animals,” their mission is to advocate for the significance of the human-animal bond. Founded in 1911, PAC was initially tasked with providing watering troughs for workhorses around Delaware County. In the 1930s, they opened their doors to the community as an open-intake facility. Then in 2012, PAC decided to become a “lifesaving organization,” meaning no adoptable animal would be put down. Today, they are working to rescue and rehabilitate animals of every breed. Since they are unaffiliated with any government or federal agency, their work is entirely supported by private donations. In addition to these efforts, PAC also offers low-cost public veterinary services, humane law education, and pet food pantries.

On September 18th S&W PAC held their “Clear the Shelters” event in an effort to find forever homes for any furry inhabitants seeking adoption. They offered 50% off adoption fees for all pets, including puppies, kittens, cats, and dogs. The event was an undeniable success, as 68 animals found homes and PAC managed to raise $40,000.